A Forum for the Environment


Correspondences is a digital publication of Rice’s Center for Environmental Studies. As a forum for the environment, it will include for a range of voices articulating the complex interactions across time, scale, geography, and media that characterize life on the planet. Many of us are humanists, artists, architects and social scientists, but we’re keen to engage widely across disciplines and communities. We think of “correspondences” not only as reports or missives—letters sent from near or far in time or place—but also as the intense, felt connections and disconnections, the resonances of an overwhelming moment when complex histories and ambiguous futures collide. What appears may be written or recorded, and we also anticipate hosting a range of shapes, forms and media.

We’ve organized the site through a series of channels on topics of interest and import. Presently, that includes: Toxic Times, What We’re Reading, Classroom Ecologies, and Cultures of Energy. Each channel is edited by a member of our community, listed below. Channels will arise, persist, or fall away as interest and conversation dictate. You’ll find Rice’s faculty, staff, and students represented, with some attention to environmental conversations here in Houston and on the Gulf Coast of Texas. But we’re keen to include colleagues, friends, and interlocutors near and far. We’re open to suggestions, submissions, and engagement. Please reach out to correspondences@rice.edu.

Meet our editorial team here.