What We’re Reading

Welcome to "What We’re Reading," a section of Correspondences where writers from various fields reflect on how certain books have impacted their thinking on environmental and ecological issues. In the coming weeks and months, we will feature a wide ensemble of perspectives in this space, as people share gems found in their research, foundational books that have shaped society’s approaches to the environment, or fascinating novels that invite us to imagine new futures and new relationships with the Earth. The intent here is not to provide in-depth, critical reviews of scholarly monographs, but instead to provide seeds for conversations. We want these pieces to be invitations to read along with our contributors, where we can discover new directions in the environmental humanities or re-discover the insights of well-known classics. In order to address the ecological crises that face us, we need to learn from each other and the legacies of the past, and this section represents small but significant glimpses into our libraries. Check back soon!